Time for change.

Guidewise reinvented the coaching model

Guidewise was developed by individuals sick and tired of the old-world coaching model. We grew sick of being inundated with coaching services from those without prior, relevant experience. We were tired of being put on the back burner due to large caseloads and portfolios. We could no longer stomach the anxiety resulting from the lack of oversight, organization, and transparency. We sought immersive education, guided implementation, and genuine support from proven professionals — no options existed. Then Guidewise was born.

Guidewise: Your company’s Mindset-as-a-Service (MaaS) infrastructure.

Guidewise is a B2B coaching platform that provides:

  • Access to immersive learning

  • Guided implementation

  • Emerging technologies

  • Vetted member community

Serving as a dependable, Mindset-as-a-Service (MaaS) infrastucture with 100% uptime, Guidewise helps entrepreneurs, business leaders, and their respective organizations find their path towards stability, scalability, and prosperity. We aim to be, and provide, everything that the old-world coaching model lacked, all bundled into a convenient, collaborative digital platform accessible to you and your organization.

The Guidewise Platform

The Guidewise platform offers resources that focus on education, guidance, and leveraging technology and community to perform and reach your potential.

Immersive Learning

Do you remember that book you purchased and have been intending to read for years now? Or how about that gym membership you renew but never actually use? Don’t worry — you are not alone. Just as it tends to be easier to read a book when accompanied by a book club, or exercise when accompanied by a fitness class, learning tends to be more engaging when accompanied by peers and guided by an instructor. Business education can certainly be dull and, in some cases, intimidating. Fortunately, our approach to business coaching equips you with the learning resources needed to remain engaged and pique your interest. In conjunction with our AI-driven platform, our team is capable of identifying your company’s biggest pain points and crafting a personalized, person-centric curriculum tailored for your particular organization’s success. Pain — be gone! Delivered through a flexible, convenient format, you can complete your personalized curriculum at your own pace and join live, group coaching sessions to confirm your understanding. To ensure mutual accountability, you will also be working with an intimate team of peers to implement your newly achieved knowledge to get the most out of your Guidewise experience. Through our adaptable, digital platform and our exceptional team of Guides, we are able to scale our educational programming and guidance to accommodate the unique needs of each individual within your organization, no matter how junior or senior they may be. Just as two heads are better than one, having an army of [guide]wise changemakers is much preferable than just you alone. Besides, how useful is a common language if you are the only one capable of speaking it?

Reimagine the role of coaching with Guidewise.

Stop losing your time, energy, and money to “sales” and start getting the real results that you and your company deserve.