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What do you mean by "Vetted Member Community?"

At Guidewise, we are fostering the world's most engaged business community. We know from personal experience how valuable, and essential, access to a trusted network of peers and advisors can be on the journey towards stability, scalability, and prosperity. In fact, we would argue that access to such a trusted network of genuine, proven professionals can be the difference between success and failure. Comprised of a diverse group of individuals from various indsutries, posessing varying years of work experience from all walks of life, our member community is unique, yet they share similar goals and ambitions. To preserve trust amongst our members, we do require a simple, straightforward application process to enroll in any paid subscription plan. By ensuring that the members within the community are real, genuine, authentic, accomplished professionals, we vet each applicant before admitting them into the platform's community. Business can be tough and emotionally exhausting — you can rest assured that our community members have experienced similar feelings themselves. Our community members have been in your shoes and are eager to lend their experience to help you achieve your goals. Through our vetting process, our community members can vent and support each other in a trusting, compassionate environment.